What are the different types of Clustering Algorithms? Its Applications and Usage

What is Clustering ? Clustering is a technique in which unsupervised data are grouped together based on similarities These groups are mutually exclusive. Clustering Algorithms Partitioned-based Clustering1. K-Means2. K-Median3. Fuzzy C-means Hierarchical Clustering4. Agglomerative5. Decisive Density-based Clustering6. DBSCAN Why Clustering ? Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Summary Generation Outlier Detection Finding Duplicates Pre-processing Step Applications of […]

3 Metrics to evaluate the accuracy of a KNN Model

After building the model, it is also important to define which metrics would be more suitable for the model. For simple linear regression where we have just one dependent and one independent variable, finding a correlation between them can do the job in finding out how much accuracy factor the model can provide. But the […]