BeautifulSoup and Python: Writing your first web scraping code

In our last post, we covered the introduction to web scraping, why do we need it, and the process of web scraping. In this post, we will look at the python library which is used for scraping and also write our first scraping code. We are going to perform web scraping for Premier League Table 2019-20 […]

Difference between Label Encoding and One-Hot Encoding | Pre-processing | Ordinal vs Nominal Data

No matter what programming language you use to write your code logic, machines understand the binary language of 1s and 0s. Similarly, it is easier for machines to deal with IP addresses than hostnames while on the contrary, humans prefer to deal with hostnames. The encoding logic in machine learning is more or less based […]

Pandas .loc v/s .iloc v/s .at v/s .iat v/s .ix

When I started working with pandas I oftenly used the square brackets [ ] for accessing rows and columns of a data frame. But as time passed, I had to get rid of this as things started to become more complicated and python suggested no longer use them but instead go for .loc, .iloc, .at, .iat, or .ix. […]