contra asset account Translation into Russian examples English

Content COMPANY Discount on Bonds Payable Allowance for Doubtful Accounts Contra account – What is a contra account? Contra liability accounts Now, for contra revenue accounts there are sales discounts, sales allowances, or sales returns. Contra revenue reduced gross revenue, resulting in net revenue. These contra revenue accounts tend to have a debit balance. Allowance […]

Public Benefit Corporation versus B Corp Certification Differences

Content What are B Corps? Benefit Corporation (B Corp) FAQs What’s the Difference Between a Public Benefit Corporation and a B Corp Certification? Socials But in 1916, Henry Ford announced that the company would stop paying special dividends. Instead, he said, the firm’s money would be devoted to expanding its business and lowering the price […]

Easy Guide to Financial Ratios Definition, Ratios and Example

Content How to Interpret Financial Ratios What are financial ratios? Definition and meaning What are the pros and cons of the use of financial ratios? Financial ratios – a complete list A lower days payables outstanding implies that a business is letting go of cash too quickly and may not be taking advantage of longer […]

TurboTax® Easy Tax Extension File IRS Tax Extension for Federal Taxes

Content Tax season is open Get an extension to file your Federal return Do you need help with your taxes? How to request your extension Taxpayers to receive rebates in July Department issues $248 million in refunds, prepares to issue rebates Tax Policy Advisory Committee to meet May 13 The will most likely add […]